Specific Advertiser = Specific Masala

At Affiliate Masala we like to work with those brands which needs a push in their sales but they do not have enough budget for sales and marketing to cover all the platforms. We do work with new brands but those brands must have good standards and quality. We examine each brand by thoroughly studying it first and then we agree to start our collaboration. If adding our Masala does not bring a good taste to your sales then our credibility is at state. And our credibility means the most to us. We prefer working through any third party to monitor transparency in the sales of our partners. Paid advertising marketing model where businesses bid to display ads to internet users is our expertise and we bear all that expense for our partners. Paid advertising is often called PPC (pay-per-click) advertising so basically we pay for all those clicks and that’s how we add our Masala to the sale circle of our partners.

Our Clients

We have worked with brands like Nestle, Emirates Airlines, Moneygram, Expedia, Stubhub, Justice Clothing, Forever 21, Nastygal, Born Shoes, Clark’s, Tote&Carry, Coursera, Hushpuppies and many more.
Forget about complicated terms like SAAS, ROI, CPC and let’s get straight down to business.


For any investment queries, please contact info@affiliatemasala.com